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ENDF Statement in Support of 21 January Movement


            On Monday, 21 January 2013, a group of Eritrean soldiers occupied the Ministry of Information’s main building in the Eritrean capital of Asmara. According to different sources, the group demanded the implementation of the 1997 constitution and the release of political prisoners.

            Irrespective of the final outcome of this movement, we in the Eritrean National Democratic Forces (ENDF) applaud and echo the demands for the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners, and for constitutional governance.

We call upon the Eritrean Defense Forces (EDF) to rise up to their patriotic responsibilities by putting pressure on the Eritrean regime to hand over power to the Eritrean people. 

We also call on EDF to ensure that their courageous colleagues are safe and their demands are addressed immediately. It will be un-patriotic for the EDF to leave their colleagues in the 21 January Movement to the merci of the dictatorial regime. 

            Likewise, we in ENDF call upon the Eritrean people inside the homeland to stand on the side of the 21 January Movement and do all what it takes to make it succeed.

The current situation under PFDJ dictatorship is leading the country to uncertain future. The 21 January Movement should be the harbinger of the New Eritrea that we all awaited for long time. The EDF are urged to stand by the Eritrean people and to ensure a smooth end to the era of repressive dictatorship in Eritrea.

            We use this opportunity to also call upon all Eritreans and their organizations in the Diaspora to remain alert and to support patriotic moves the Eritrean Defense Forces may take in favour of restoring rule of law and democratic constitutional governance.

As a well respected institution promoting democracy, human rights and development in the less developed countries, the European Union is also called upon to use the momentum created by the 21st January movement in Asmara to reiterate their firm stand on the need for the Eritrean regime to respect human rights and transfer power to representatives of the Eritrean people.



Public Relations Office

22 January 2013  

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ENDF is a joint-effort launched in October 2011 to coordinate the efforts of pro-democracy constituted Eritrean groups and independent individuals that believe in non-violent means of struggle and in contributing to making a people-centred political change in Eritrea a reality.



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