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ENDF Urges UK to Refuse Visa to Eritrean Official

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ENDF Condemns Repeated PFDJ Terrorist Acts,

Urges UK to Refuse Visa to Eritrean Official


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News Report II

1st March 2013



At its regular meeting held on Sunday 24th February 2013 The Coordinating Committee of the Eritrean National Democratic Forces (CC/ENDF) condemned the kidnapping attempt against its  member, Mr. Assefaw Berhe, on Friday 22 February 2013 while on his way to join a pro-democracy rally organised by the Eritrean community in London. All indications so far show that the culprits were agents of the Eritrean regime.

The Coordinating Committee noted with concern the new development and resolved to raise the matter with the appropriate authoriries in the UK to ensure that gangs associated with the PFDJ regime are not allowed to intimidate pro-democracy Eritreans living in the UK and elsewhere in the free world.

In the meantime, CC/ENDF has written to Right Honourable William Hague, UK Secretary for  Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) demanding that Mr. Yemane Gebreab is placed in the visa-ban list in line with UNSC Resolutions 1907 (2009) and 2023 (2011). Mr. Gebreab, believed to hold American passport as well as Eritrean diplomatic passport, is personally charged by President Issayas Afeworki to oversee and mobilise the youth in the diaspora under Y-PFDJ. According to our sources the activities of individuals and groups organised under the YPFDJ  include intimidation, physical attacks, spying, cyber attacks, illicit business activities, extortion of illegal 2% taxes, in addition to annual “cultural activities” and “political” indoctrination seminars.


It is to be recalled that some of the criminal activities of the pro-PFDJ tyranny groups in Europe include incidents such as:

*      Physical attack against an Italian activist in 2008 in Italy

*      The detention of three Eritreans in Sweden for their suspected link to illegal extortion of taxes and plans in February 2013

*      The kidnap attempt to which Mr. Assefaw Berhe was subjected to in London on 22 February 2013, and

*      The disappearance of an opposition leader, Mr. Mohamed Ali Ibrahim, in Kassala, East Sudan in February 2012.


ENDF’s letter to FCO also included a demand that the Eritrean Ambassador’s activities in the UK are closely monitored as he is frequently seen travelling around the UK to organise spy-network activities among the Eritrean communities in different towns of the UK.

The CC-ENDF meeting concluded with a call on Eritreans in the diaspora to unite against the PFDJ and in full support of the demands made by a unit of the Eritrean Defence Forces on 21 January 2013 movement.







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CC/ENDF is a joint-effort launched in October 2011 to coordinate the efforts of pro-democracy constituted Eritrean groups and independent individuals that believe in non-violent means of struggle and in contributing to making a people-centred political change in Eritrea a reality.




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