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A Brief Comment to Dan Connell Article

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A Brief Comment to Dan Connell Article


I have just read a piece on Facebook by Dan Connell, who was an intimate and very loyal friend of the Eritrean dictator, Issaias Afeworki, until he was deported from Eritrea by the late Minister of the Interior Naizghi Kiflu.

He writes: “Eritrea was Africa’s newest independent nation in 1991. In only a few years the ruggedly beautiful Red Sea state slid from hopefulness to conflict and then to despair. Three decades of disputes and clashes with its neighbors turned Eritrea into a regional outcast. Worse, political repression under the one-man rule of President Isaias Afwerki killed most hopes of democracy or respect for human rights. Eritrea today is an impoverished police state.”

Mr. Dan Connell, as an Eritrean living in exile, I very much appreciate your concern about the sorry state in which Eritrea and its people find themselves today. But could you please honestly tell your readers about the immense contribution you have made to bringing this about?

Having made my point, I also wish to add the following:

I strictly believe the liberation of a politically oppressed people must be the act of the oppressed people themselves and should never allow the interference or meddling of outsiders. I also happen to believe that the oppressed must be the charters and engineers of their own present and future development. Indeed, I believethat the emancipation of the mind from the shackles of intellectual imperialism is the major precondition for creative and autonomous economic and social progress in developing societies.

I thus wonder when foreigners will end their intellectual imperialism and political interference in the internal affairs of other countries under various pretexts. For I believe intellectual imperialism is just as corrosive, retarding and damaging as economic and political imperialism practiced by the powerful nations against the weaker third world countries. Having said this, I must, however, quickly add that I am absolutely not opposed to genuine solidarity between progressive and democratic-thinking intellectuals from the centers of imperialism and theoppressed African people in general, and Eritreans in particular.

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