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In memory of Hamid Idris Awate. The Father of the Eritrean Revolution

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In memory of  Hamid Idris Awate. The Father of the Eritrean Revolution



Burial site of martyr and hero Hamid  Awate in Haikota. In September 1994, the remains of martyr  Awate were buried in the historic city of Haikota (Gash region – west Eritrea)

Martyr Awate’s original burial place was kept secret (except to very few individuals) and it was in the east of Hadamdami and west of Gash where special and clear signs were marked to identify the burial place of the martyr and hero Awate. In September 1994, the remains of martyr Hamid Awate were buried in the historic city of Haikota.

 The unexpected death of the leader and hero Awate was kept deliberately “secret” from the public for several years and this was done to keep the morale of the Eritrean people and Eritrean liberation army high in order to continue the war for liberation with the same spirit and determination and not to be affected by the martyrdom of the national icon and leader. If the death of the hero and martyr was announced, the Ethiopian enemy would have used it at its advantage to declare victory and propagate in its media the end of the Eritrean struggle for liberation and independence.

The despotic DIA never acknowledged and respected the Eritrean people and their national symbols and heroes and as a result no media coverage or commemoration are done in honor of martyr and hero Hamid Idris Awate, the “Father of the Eritrea Armed Struggle” for liberation and Independence.

The article below is from Farajat website:

 Short URL: http://www.farajat.net/en/?p=850    (EDITORIAL)


In memory of  Hamid Idris Awate. The Father of the Eritrean Revolution

On May 28th 1962, the martyr and father of the Eritrean armed struggle for independence and freedom, passed away peacefully without any fanfare or ceremony.

The Eritrean armed struggle for independence was at its infancy when the hero passed away, but his heroic companions continued the struggle with the same determination and spirit.  It took 30 years of continuous and heroic armed struggle for Eritrea to be free from the yoke of Ethiopian occupation.

The price of Eritrean independence was heavy and costly and we paid dearly with the lives of our best and most courageous people, where tens of thousands of Eritrean heroes were martyred for the sake of Eritrea to be a free and independent country.

What did the historians and writers say about the death of  Hamid  Idris  Awate?

Mr. Taher Indoul on his article: The History Maker, wrote as follows:

“On May 27th 1962, Awate drunk milk for dinner, then soon told his unit that he was not feeling good.  His condition began to deteriorate quickly.  It is said that Awate called pioneer Kiboob Hajaj and gave him his beloved gun emphasizing on the continuation of the revolution.  The next morning, Awate rested in peace.  The ELA decided not reveal the martyrdom of Awate, and they buried him secretly.  Awate’s martyrdom was made public 4 years after his death.
Martyr and leader Hamid Idris Awate lead the armed struggle in its critical times.  He laid the way for this new Eritrean experience to take its shape.  Awate died when our revolution was in desperate need for his leadership.  He has gone but left huge legacy of self-reliance.  He left without a farewell to his comrades, people, family, and most importantly his wife and son Karar who was born in the jail in the city of Tessanai.  May Allah\God bless him and bless all our martyrs.”

Engineer Suleiman Faid in his book titled: Awate his life and heroism, writes about his last moments under the title:  Martyrdom of the hero, as follows:

“The life of this hero was a series of sacrifices, which ended in his sudden martyrdom on a Monday morning of the 28th of May 1962.

On the eve of a day full of activities, Awate moved with some of his fellow combatants to the village close to the mountains of Aquitaine  (western Eritrea) in the Gash region and had dinner. As it was customary, after the dinner meal, Awate moved away from the village and camped in a safe place to spend the night. At midnight Awate awakened the fighter Kboob  Hajjaj to tell him that he felt  a sharp drop  in his heart beats,  and  felt cold and pain throughout  his body. Awate held his rifle (Abu Aashara),  with which  he fired the first shots of the Eritrean revolution armed struggle declaring its official birth, and handed it over to the pioneer Kboob Hajjaj and said to him:

Raise this rifle high (continue the armed struggle), until final victory is accomplished, God willing.

Then took his sword and gave it to Kboob Hajjaj and asked him to deliver it to his son Karar Hamid Awate. Also asked him to deliver the dagger to his nephew Awate Mohamed Fayed, and asked him to deliver his briefcase of documents to his deputy Mohamed Idris Hajj, and then closed his eyes and calmly appeared resigned to a long drowsiness and rested in peace.

Awate was martyred at five in the morning (5 am) of that day with his face raised to the sky and his body embracing the dust of his dear and beloved homeland. His worldly body was gone forever,  to live with us with his spirit and his eternal compassion and tenacity which is reflected in the heartbeats of his people (Eritrean people), leaving  behind a generation of fighters to continue to march, amid storms and raising the Eritrean flag high and changing hands  martyr after martyr until the  final victory was accomplished. ”

In September 1994, the remains of martyr  Awate were buried in the Haikota (Gash region)

The Eritrean war of Independence ignited by the martyr and hero Awate and his brave companions, continued for long 30 years. During these years an immense and infinite stories of heroism, self-asceticism, bravery, compassion, patriotism and devotion can be told and written proudly. The spirit of Awate continued and survived to the end, and all our fighters became Awate in their spirit, actions, devotion and love for Eritrea.

Undoubtedly, our heroic martyrs will be remembered forever. Our war veterans, handicaps, orphans, widows, refugees, war victims etc…These are our pride, our best, our people and our dignity. All of them fought and paid dearly for the sake of our freedom and independence.

It is our moral and national responsibility to be positive, to fight, to restore rule of law, justice and democracy in Eritrea. These are the fundamentals to build a united, strong and advanced Eritrea and to protect its sovereignty. If we love and respect our martyrs let us follow their path to strong Eritrea, peace, stability, respect and reconciliation.

The price of Eritrean independence was very high and we must acknowledge its value. Let us continue on the same spirit of Awate and all our martyrs to build a strong nation based on rule of law, justice and equality to restore and materialize the  entrust of our brave martyrs.

Respect and gratitude to all our heroic martyrs!

Awate and all our martyrs will be remembered forever!


Source: Farajat website (www.farajat.net)

Short URL: http://www.farajat.net/en/?p=850    (EDITORIAL)


؛Prepared by: Hamed Idris Awate – FaceBook page (on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Eritrea Revolution)


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